Winter League

SEFTA Winter League Guidelines - Or Folklore and legend de-bunked

These guidelines are not meant to replace BFTA rules in any sense, rather to help clarify in black and white questions that are asked every year.

Course Stuff

Winter League is often the introduction of competition shooting to club members and we want those shooters to enjoy the experience and come back for more. To achieve this we need course to have something for everyone, from the top shooter in AA to the novice C grader. Build courses accordingly, possibly using a basis of a hard target and an easier one on most lanes. This seems to work, it provides challenges to the top shots while not slaughtering the novices.

Divison info

SEFTA WL (winter league) is shot in two divisions, Divisions 1 and 2. This is to provide a fair and more challenging competition to all shooters by enabling them to compete against others of their own ability. Being in Div 1 should not be viewed as elitist and in Div 2 as a lesser challenge

Teams are allocated division placing based on the most current BFTA grading data, the team's average grade percentage is calculated and the top half of teams going in Div1 and the remainder in Div 2 (agreed at SEFTA committee meeting 13, 2, 10)

In the event of there being an odd number of teams then the decision as to which division entered will be made to ensure fairness of competition

Team Membership

All team members must be paid up members of the club that they are shooting for.


Currently teams of 4 compete with the top 3 scores for a team, on the day counting. In the event of a team not being able to provide 3 counting scores on the day their score will be made up with "blind" score(s). This is the lowest counting score in both divisions on the day.

For blind scoring to apply at least one member of a team must compete, if no members shoot then the team will be awarded no score.

Team scoring is done using the following method

In the team event the team's percentage for each round is the team score divided by the highest team score of the day of teams in the same division x100. The team's final score of the league will be an average of the eight percentage scores from all eight rounds


Teams can substitute members during the season, due to illness etc; however subs may not have shot for another team during the WL. They can have shot as an individual up to the point of substitution but their scores will only count for the team from the shoot at which they join a team.

Substitutions are for the duration of the season; teams cannot substitute for one round then go back to their original members for the next round

Individual Stuff

Individual scoring is done using the following method

In the individual event the percentage for each round is the individuals score divided by the highest score of the day x100. The individuals final score of the league will be an average of the highest seven percentages obtained from the eight rounds.

Showdown and Plate Competition


At the end of each WL there is the Showdown! Possibly the only competition of the year where the shooters directly compete against one another on a straight knock out basis


Entry to this competition is done on a qualifying basis, the top 4 scores of each round (from the shooters not already qualified) going forward to the Showdown comp. You only have to qualify in one round to be eligible for the Showdown.

In the event of tied scores for qualifying the winner is decided in a shoot-off, usually at the following WL round, with the loser still being able to qualify in a later round. If only one shooter is in attendance for their shoot off then they are deemed to have won.

If you are aware that you will not be able to attend the Showdown then please let the organizers know so they can allocate your place accordingly

Competitors in round one of the showdown are drawn from a hat to decide who shots with who, from then on it's a straight knockout, lose and you are out (except in round one where losers go into the plate)

Plate Competition

This competition is run alongside the showdown with its entry made up from the losers of round one. It is run to the same rules and on the same courses, get knocked out of this and your shooting is done for the day!



Trophies are purchased by SEFTA using the funds made available by the committee



Entry fees are split between the hosting club and SEFTA, currently the split is £3 to the club and £3 to SEFTA.

Booking in

Shooters should book in before beginning their zero session etc, this allows the organisers to know how many shooters there are and re-allocate lanes if required. It is often a requirement of insurance that shooters are signed in before shooting.

It is greatly appreciated if the host club provides someone to collect shooters fees, leaving the comp sec to distribute score cards etc. Remember, the shoot is the clubs shoot, generating funds that we all need

SEFTA provides score cards (unless forgotten)


Shooting usually commences at 10:00 with a shooters briefing at 09:40, shooters should allow themselves plenty of time to get to the shoot and have a cuppa, zero and all the other stuff we do before a shoot