The Association shall be known as “The South East Field Target Association” (hereinafter known as “the Association”).


The Association’s aims and objectives shall be:



To support, promote and encourage all aspects of air rifle field target shooting and air pistol shooting.



To support, promote and encourage the safe use of legal airweapons and to support, represent and safeguard the interests of its member clubs, in all matters concerned with airweapon sports. Member clubs shall at all times actively support these aims.


Membership of the Association shall be open to any properly constituted club pursuing the sport of field target shooting exclusively, or as a regular part of its function, if based within the geographic boundaries of the region.



No club which is a paid up affiliated member of another regional Association shall be allowed to join unless:



That regional Association endorses the clubs application:



That region is consulted by the Association’s committee and agrees to a transfer.



Any new or un-affiliated club based outside the geographic boundaries must apply for membership, in writing and receive a majority acceptance from the Association’s committee and pay the dues set by the Association.


The Association’s committee shall consist of two delegates from each paid-up member clubs, each of whom shall have one vote to cast, no proxy votes are permitted. The committee shall meet as necessary, (but not less than four times per year, plus hold an Annual General Meeting) and all member clubs shall be given at least fourteen days notice of such meetings. 



The Association shall elect, at the Annual General Meeting, three officers Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall not have a vote (save in the event of a tied vote, when the Chairman shall have the casting vote or in the event of a quorum not being formed, in which case the Secretary and Treasurer will be permitted to vote). These officers will serve for the period of one year and will be subject to annual election. In the event of an officer having to resign due to ill health, business or other reason, then the committee shall elect from amongst themselves another to serve in that post until the next Annual General Meeting.



As the officers do not have a vote (with the exception mentioned in 4.1), the club from where they are members shall appoint another to vote in their place.



The Chairman shall ensure that the committee meetings are held regularly and conducted in an orderly fashion, ensuring that all proposals and resolutions at such meetings are resolved by voting. In the event of there being a tied vote, the Chairman shall use his casting vote (with the exception mentioned in 4.1).



The Secretary shall record the Minutes of all committee meetings. The Secretary shall bring all communications received to the attention of the Association’s committee and communicate the committees’ decisions and replies in writing.



The Treasurer shall pay all monies received on behalf of the Association into a current bank or building society account held in the name of the Association. The Treasurer and either the Chairman or Secretary shall sign all cheques drawn on this account. The Treasurer shall give a short report on the Association’s finances at each committee meeting and will keep complete and accurate records of all financial transactions relevant to the Association, to be submitted to the Association at the Annual General Meeting together with a duly audited balance sheet/statement of accounts.



On no account can any two officers of the Association who are from the same family i.e. husband and wife, be allowed to be signatories on any cheques for or on behalf of the Association.



The Annual General Meeting: The Association’s year shall commence on the first day of June and end on the last day of May the following year. The Association’s “Annual General Meeting” shall be held within fourteen days either side of the latter date and the Secretary will give all member clubs at least fourteen days written notice of the date, venue and time of the Annual General Meeting and a detailed agenda.



The Association’s committee shall on proof to its satisfaction and in its absolute discretion, have the power to expel any member whose conduct (whether act or omission) it considers to be contrary to the aims and objectives of the Association or the sport of air weapon shooting.



The committee’s ruling shall be final in all respects, relating to the administration of the Association.



The committee may co-opt other members of affiliated clubs onto the committee to serve in such ways as the committee decides necessary. Co-opted members shall have the same voting rights as the other members of the committee.



Should less than half the Association’s members fail to attend a general meeting to make up a quorum, the Association’s Secretary and Treasurer will have the power to vote. This will only apply when a quorum cannot be formed.



New or amended rules, can only become valid as part of the Association’s rules if they receive a majority acceptance by member clubs either by holding a postal ballot, at an extraordinary or special general meeting or at the Annual General Meeting.


Changes or amendments to the Association’s Constitution can only become valid if they receive majority acceptance as specified in  six above.


Funding: The Association shall raise a levy on each member club to cover the costs of administration and also to cover any fees payable to any national bodies, these fees to be reviewed annually by the committee. Delegates sent to represent the Association at national committee meetings shall have any expenses incurred re-paid to them. The Association’s committee shall reimburse any expenses legitimately incurred by the officers of the Association in the conduct of their duties and a detailed claim should be presented to the committee for approval.  


In the event of the Association being wound up the assets of the Association shall not belong to any member club, committee member or national body to whom the Association was affiliated but shall be made over to a charitable trust, namely Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children London.